Weddings are REALLY expensive...and other obvious thoughts from a wedding planner planning her wedding.

You guys, this wedding planner is officially planning her own wedding! Not going to's about damn time. Of course the first thing most people say when they find out is "well your wedding must already be planned isn't that great?" Ummm yeah except it's not at all...

Naturally the second the ring was on my finger I immediately started envisioning my perfect wedding and exactly what I wanted it to be and look like (I may or may not have also done this like every day prior to the ring being on my finger). But then reality set in and I started crunching numbers and I realized dang weddings are freaking expensive (I definitely used more colorful language but I'll spare you from my swearing like a sailor tendencies) and visions of eloping danced in my head. 

Of course I am a wedding planner so obviously I am aware how much a typical wedding costs. Sometimes I help couples create budgets and when helping couples find vendors I make sure to stay within their budget. But I'm gonna be honest it's a lot more fun to spend other peoples money! (I mean lets be real I think that's the case in most situations but it's especially true for me in this situation).  

In all seriousness though, so far I am having a great time planning my wedding, and yes lets be real it is mostly my head. 

Wedding planners, we are just like you! When it comes down to it I have a hard time making decisions, I get sucked into the black hole also known as Pinterest regularly, and I am constantly thinking about how to make my wedding unique and different than any wedding I've done. 

I've decided that as I begin planning my wedding I am going to blog about my experience. Yes I am a wedding planner and yes I have done this before, but never for myself and trust me its A LOT different! Also I have been planning on blogging for the last two years and as far as I got is one blog June I figure this is as good of an excuse as any to get my sh*t together! 

So, stay tuned for other obvious observations, a little advice here and there, and me attempting to be funny.