Finding the perfect venue

Lets be real, my wedding has been planned in my head for awhile now. Yes things have changed over the years but a lot has stayed the same. The one thing that I didn't have any idea on until I actually got engaged was a wedding venue. There are SO many different types of wedding venues especially in the gorgeous PNW.

We had initially talked about a summer wedding, so of course I imagined all that comes along with that. I pictured a gorgeous white tent wedding on a hot summer day. But the reality of being a wedding planner set in and we realized a summer wedding would actually be very difficult and slightly stressful. 

Once I got a summer wedding out of my mind the idea of a snowy winter wedding infiltrated and I started searching for venues in Eastern Washington. There are a TON of breathtakingly beautiful venues in Eastern Washington and I loved a lot of them but none of them had everything that I was looking for in a venue so I started searching for venues a little closer to home. 

Looking for wedding venues is overwhelming even for a wedding planner! I was trying to find an indoor wedding venue that had everything I wanted minus odd wall decor or ugly hotel carpet. Not an easy task trust me! Plus I wanted a venue that I had never done a wedding at before, I have loved a lot of the venues I have done weddings at but I wanted something different. 

When we looked into Trinity Tree Farm I was instantly in love and luckily so was my fiancé! It had everything we wanted plus CHRISTMAS TREES! I really love Christmas so really it seemed like a no brainer. When I went to look at the venue in person I instantly knew it was the one and I was happy that the search for the perfect venue was over! 

My wedding may not have snow like I initially wanted but it has Christmas trees so I am pretty ecstatic about that! 

Finding the perfect venue may take time but trust me it is so worth it! Make sure you keep an open mind and look at all of your options, you never know which venue will end up being the perfect place for you and your loves big day! 

 Photo of my fiance and I cutting down our first Christmas tree in our new house at Trinity Tree Farm!

Photo of my fiance and I cutting down our first Christmas tree in our new house at Trinity Tree Farm!