He liked it, so he put a ring on it

When anyone gets engaged one of the first things people ask is so how did he (or she) propose?! It's a fun and exciting time that people love to be apart of and let's be real who doesn't love a good engagement story? Our engagement story is a pretty great one (obviously I'm a little biased), mostly because it's a little bit random, a little bit funny, and very sweet. 

My fiancé and I have been going to Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge on Labor Day Weekend since the beginning of our relationship. We have never missed a year since we started dating and he had even been many years before that. It was the first place we traveled to together so naturally it was the perfect place for him to propose. 

We got to the Gorge Thursday night, met up with some friends that we camp with every year, and set up camp. Friday wasn't the nicest day. It was kind of cloudy and was sprinkling a little on and off. Colin was acting a little strange, kind of nervous and it seemed like he was avoiding me a little bit now that I look back on it. I didn't really think much of it at the time though I was just catching up with our friends that we hadn't seen since the year before. 

Colin's parents were coming as well and Colin keep wondering when they were going to get there which I thought was odd.  I kept telling him that they were on their way and I am sure they would be there soon, since it was Friday I am sure traffic was worse than when we had driven over the day before. 

Well it turns out my sweet and amazing fiancé had a plan. A very wonderful plan that his parents were a part of. We were supposed to leave the campgrounds and go to one of the look out points near the Gorge. The weather had improved a bit so it really would have been the perfect day for it! But unfortunately his parents hit some bad traffic because of a wreck and were later than planned. If we had left the campground we wouldn't be back in time for the concert. 

Colin had to come up with a plan b and had no idea what he was going to do. I was hanging out in our tent and he came in and told me some of our friends from another campsite were on their way, so I came out to hang out with them. I went under the canopy we had set up at our campsite and Colin asked if I wanted a shot...of Tarantula tequila. I literally said "no that sounds terrible!"  

Looking back on it Colin says he didn't even realize what had happened, but he took the ring out of his pocket and said "do you want this instead??" He was beyond nervous. I was in shock. I said yes in a slightly confused manner and took the ring. Then he realized what happened and he quickly got down on one knee grabbed the ring back and asked me to marry him. That time my answer was a little less confused and a lot more ecstatic! Yes!! 

It was random, unplanned, so sweet, and beyond perfect for us as a couple! Getting engaged over a bottle of tequila. Definitely not the typical story! 

After I said yes and put the ring on everyone came in to the tent. Colin's mom had champagne, balloons, a banner, and a gift from Colin's sister. EVERYONE we were with had known and everyone immediately started celebrating. It was so fun and definitely my favorite weekend ever at DMB at the Gorge! It was a weekend I will never forget and I wouldn't trade our proposal story for the world! 

Finding the perfect venue

Lets be real, my wedding has been planned in my head for awhile now. Yes things have changed over the years but a lot has stayed the same. The one thing that I didn't have any idea on until I actually got engaged was a wedding venue. There are SO many different types of wedding venues especially in the gorgeous PNW.

We had initially talked about a summer wedding, so of course I imagined all that comes along with that. I pictured a gorgeous white tent wedding on a hot summer day. But the reality of being a wedding planner set in and we realized a summer wedding would actually be very difficult and slightly stressful. 

Once I got a summer wedding out of my mind the idea of a snowy winter wedding infiltrated and I started searching for venues in Eastern Washington. There are a TON of breathtakingly beautiful venues in Eastern Washington and I loved a lot of them but none of them had everything that I was looking for in a venue so I started searching for venues a little closer to home. 

Looking for wedding venues is overwhelming even for a wedding planner! I was trying to find an indoor wedding venue that had everything I wanted minus odd wall decor or ugly hotel carpet. Not an easy task trust me! Plus I wanted a venue that I had never done a wedding at before, I have loved a lot of the venues I have done weddings at but I wanted something different. 

When we looked into Trinity Tree Farm I was instantly in love and luckily so was my fiancé! It had everything we wanted plus CHRISTMAS TREES! I really love Christmas so really it seemed like a no brainer. When I went to look at the venue in person I instantly knew it was the one and I was happy that the search for the perfect venue was over! 

My wedding may not have snow like I initially wanted but it has Christmas trees so I am pretty ecstatic about that! 

Finding the perfect venue may take time but trust me it is so worth it! Make sure you keep an open mind and look at all of your options, you never know which venue will end up being the perfect place for you and your loves big day! 

 Photo of my fiance and I cutting down our first Christmas tree in our new house at Trinity Tree Farm!

Photo of my fiance and I cutting down our first Christmas tree in our new house at Trinity Tree Farm!

Traipsing through the snow in a tutu

We recently took our engagement photos with the magical and amazing Irina Negrean Photography and it was such a fun experience! I had a very specific vision in my head of what I wanted and honestly they turned out even better than I could have imagined. 

I wanted to wear a white tutu and go play in the snow. It was cold and I mean FREEZING. My legs turned blue, not like a little blue, like legitimately I looked like an alien blue. But man oh man was it worth it! We started out at Sleeping Lady in Leavenworth and it was seriously the perfect winter wonderland. Exactly what I was envisioning! 

Then we went to downtown Leavenworth to take some fun photos in town and with the Christmas lights! It was so beautiful, and cold, very very very cold. 

One of my biggest pieces of advice when getting engagement photos is get professional hair and makeup. You want to look and feel your best because when you feel stunning it will show in the photos! Plus it's a great way to meet and connect with hair and makeup artists that you may potentially want to work with on your own wedding! My dream team was Kate DeMotts and Anne Timms and they will be my dream team through my entire wedding experience.  Trust me they are amazing if you need hair and makeup recommendations I will recommend those two all day long! Also if I could pay them to do my hair and makeup everyday that would be a dream come true BUT sadly that's not the most realistic life goal in the world. :( 

Another big piece of advice is go out and buy yourself a new outfit that you feel AMAZING in, and then don't wear ANY of it until your engagement photos. Not only is it nice to be photographed in something people have never seen you in but lets be real who doesn't love a new outfit?! 

Don't be afraid to do something out of the ordinary, to laugh and have fun, and to be yourselves. Sometimes getting photos may feel awkward but with the right photographer that feeling goes away extremely quickly and the end result will be phenomenal because you and your love enjoyed a fun day with each other getting some gorgeous photos! 


Weddings are REALLY expensive...and other obvious thoughts from a wedding planner planning her wedding.

You guys, this wedding planner is officially planning her own wedding! Not going to lie...it's about damn time. Of course the first thing most people say when they find out is "well your wedding must already be planned isn't that great?" Ummm yeah except it's not planned...like at all...

Naturally the second the ring was on my finger I immediately started envisioning my perfect wedding and exactly what I wanted it to be and look like (I may or may not have also done this like every day prior to the ring being on my finger). But then reality set in and I started crunching numbers and I realized dang weddings are freaking expensive (I definitely used more colorful language but I'll spare you from my swearing like a sailor tendencies) and visions of eloping danced in my head. 

Of course I am a wedding planner so obviously I am aware how much a typical wedding costs. Sometimes I help couples create budgets and when helping couples find vendors I make sure to stay within their budget. But I'm gonna be honest it's a lot more fun to spend other peoples money! (I mean lets be real I think that's the case in most situations but it's especially true for me in this situation).  

In all seriousness though, so far I am having a great time planning my wedding, and yes lets be real it is mostly planned...in my head. 

Wedding planners, we are just like you! When it comes down to it I have a hard time making decisions, I get sucked into the black hole also known as Pinterest regularly, and I am constantly thinking about how to make my wedding unique and different than any wedding I've done. 

I've decided that as I begin planning my wedding I am going to blog about my experience. Yes I am a wedding planner and yes I have done this before, but never for myself and trust me its A LOT different! Also I have been planning on blogging for the last two years and as far as I got is one blog post...in June 2015...so I figure this is as good of an excuse as any to get my sh*t together! 

So, stay tuned for other obvious observations, a little advice here and there, and me attempting to be funny.  





Why hiring a Wedding Planner is important.

To many couples it seems like a wedding planner is an extravagant expense and they decide against it. People wonder what do wedding planners do and why do they charge so much to do it? Well here are some reasons that hiring a wedding planner may cost you a little more but is worth it in the long run. Trust me it is a decision you will not regret. 

All the meetings/phone calls/emails/texts- and lets be real there are a lot of them.

Add that on top of visiting your venue, meeting your vendors, and having weddings craft days- there is a lot of time outside the day of your event we spend working on your wedding.


Vendor deals-

When we recommend certain vendors or have a preferred vendor list often times that means you will get a discount/deal/gift for hiring them. Pretty awesome!


Supplies from the planner-

Wedding and event planners accumulate a lot of stuff, mason jars, vases, baskets oh my! Many planners have things you can rent or borrow making checking supplies off your list that much easier.


Day of details-

Planners are there to help make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible, our goal is to ensure everything is absolutely perfect, everyone is happy, and the bride and groom don’t need to be bothered with anything except having a wonderful time.


While in the long run hiring a wedding planner may affect your budget, knowing someone is there to ensure everything goes off without a hitch makes getting hitched that much easier. As a planner our goal is to ensure that you have a stress free and phenomenal day and that is what we strive to achieve.